Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Senior Challenge

The 2020 Senior Challenge took place September 26/27 at Pleasant Valley in Iowa City

The Cedar Rapids / Iowa City Senior Challenge is played annually and pits Senior players from Iowa City against player from Cedar Rapids in a Ryder Cup format.

This year Cedar Rapid prevailed 12.5 to 11.5.

Here are the details.

Foursomes Matches (Alternate Shot)

Rob Dickerman -George Gartelos (CR) 1UP over Brad Frantz-Rick Leyendecker (IC)

Mark Greve-Scott Carnes (CR) AS with Tracy McArtor- Dave Brown (IC)

Dan Dalziel-Todd Hingtgen (CR) 6&4 over Randy Larson-Shawn Hedlund (IC)

Pat Erb-Tim Ingwersen (CR) 2&1 over Allen Moore-Andrew Hollingsworth(IC)

Brad Fox-Mike Thomsen (CR) 2&1 over Matt Benge-Mike Young (IC)

Jon Huinker-Doug Fredericks(IC) 4&2 over Tom Lehmkuhl-Jerry Johnson (CR)

Cedar Rapids 4 1/2 Iowa City 1 1/2

Four-Ball Matches (Better Ball)

Dickerman-Gartelos (CR) 3&2 over Hedlund-Larson (IC)

Frantz-Leyendecker (IC) 2&1 over Greve-Fox (CR)

Dalziel-Hingtgen (CR) 1UP over Benge-Young (IC)

Ingwersen-Erb (CR) 3&2 over McArtor-Brown (IC)

Huinker-Fredericks (IC) 4&3 over Carnes-Thomsen (CR)

Moore-Hollingsworth (IC) 1UP over Lehmkuhl-Johnson (CR)

Cedar Rapids 3 Iowa City 3

September 27, 2020

Singles Matches

Frantz (IC) 3&2 over Ingwersen (CR)

Erb (CR) 5&4 over Leyendecker (IC)

Hedlund (IC) 5&4 over Dalziel (CR)

Hingtgen (CR) 6&4 over Larson (IC)

Huinker (IC) 1UP over Greve (CR)

Fox (CR) 6 &5 over Fredericks (IC)

Dickerman (CR) 2&1 over Benge (IC)

Young (IC) 2&1 over Gartelos (CR)

McArtor (IC) 3&2 over Morrison (CR)

Brown (IC) 3&2 over Carnes (CR)

Johnson (CR) 4&3 over Hollingsworth (IC)

Moore 4&2 over Lehmkuhl (CR)

Iowa City 7 Cedar Rapids 5