Fall 2-Man Ryder Cup

2023 Fall Ryder Cup at Lake McBride September 24th

Two-Person teams, 8-inch cups. $140 per team cart included.

9 holes Better Ball, 9 holes Best Shot, 9 holes Alternate shot. 

Here are the results.

Bryan Wilson/Andrew Robertson  99

2nd. Spencer Wiskus/Alex Henderson  99

3rd. Joel Gryp/Bo Gryp   100

First Flight:

1st. Clint Tompkins/Clint Cannon  110

2nd. Jack Kademian/ Gerry Partridge 111

3rd. Joshua Tigges/ Jacob Wilson  112

Gift cards can be picked up at the McBride Clubhouse 

Full Results HERE 

2022 Champions Preston Reynolds and Mike Weaver

The 2022 Two-Man Ryder Cup tourney was held September 18th at Cedars Edge Golf Course. 

Preston Reynolds and Mike Weaver lapped the field with an incredible 18 under par. 

The format included 9 holes of Best Ball, 9 holes of Shamble, and 9 holes of Alternate shot. 

Full Results HERE.

Here is a link to the Cedars Edge website. It's a fun course. Go play there!

Fall 2022 Ryder Cup

Enjoying the fun at Cedars Edge