Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Senior Challenge

The 2023 IC CR Senior Challenge took place this weekend (Aug 19-20) at Gardner in Cedar Rapids. CR won the Senior Challenge 13.5 - 10.5. Results and team below. Representing Iowa City were: 

John Martin

Jason Haddy

Rob Cordle

Todd Syata

Allen Moore

Randy Miller

Jeff Johnson

John Lammers

Rod Lehnertz

Brad Frantz

Matt Benge

Tracy McArtor


Captain: Rob Cordle

Assistant: Ron Huckfeldt

And representing CR will be:

Vern Boenish

Jack Evans

Jay Glasford

Mark Hogenson

Tim Ingwersen Captain

Jerry Johnson

Steve Kahler

Eric Livingston

John Locher

Steve McElmeel

Terry Turner

Todd Twachtmann

Alt Shot:

Rob Cordle/Jeff Johnson 2&1 over Jerry Johnson/Todd Twachtmann

Vern Boenish/Dan Dalziel 4&3 over John Martin/Brad Frantz

Jay Glasford/Steve McElmeel 1up over Rod Lehnertz/John Lammers

Matt Benge/Tracy McArtor AS Steve Kahler/John Locher

Randy Miller/Allen Moore 1up over Tim Ingwersen/Mark Hogenson

Eric Livingston/Terry Turner 4&2 over Jason Haddy/Todd Syata

CR led 3.5 to 2.5 after Alt Shot

Better Ball:

Jerry Johnson/Todd Twachtmann 5&4 over Rob Cordle/Jeff Johnson

Vern Boenish/Dan Dalziel 1up over Jason Haddy/Todd Syata

Jay Glasford/Steve McElmeel 1up over Rod Lehnertz/John Lammers

John Martin/Brad Frantz 2&1 over Steve Kahler/John Locher

Randy Miller/Allen Moore 2&1 over Tim Ingwersen/Mark Hogenson

Matt Bange/Tracy McArtor 2&1 over Eric Livingston/Terry Turner

3 to 3 in Better Ball so CR leads 6.5 to 5.5 going into Singles.

Note: Jack Evans couldn't play for CR Saturday because his son was having surgery so Dan Dalziel filled in for him.  For Sunday Singles Jack is back in and Dan is out.


Allen Moore 4&3 over Terry Turner

Randy Miller AS with Eric Livingston

Mark Hogenson 5&4 over Tracy McArtor

John Locher 4&3 over Matt Benge

Jason Haddy 2&1 over Jay Glasford

Todd Syata 3&2 over Steve McElmeel

Todd Twachtmann 4&2 over Rod Lehnertz

John Lammers AS with Jerry Johnson

Vern Boenish 1up over Rob Cordle

Jeff Johnson 3&2 over Jack Evans

Tim Ingwersen 4&3 over John Martin

Steve Kahler 3&2 over Brad Frantz

CR wins Singles 7-5 and wins the Senior Challenge 13.5-10.5.

Eligibility to participate on the Senior Challenge Team

Iowa City Senior Challenge Team is selected in the following manner

from the previous 2 calendar years.

Selection of the Iowa City Home Course when Hosting the Events

        for each year it is Iowa City’s turn to host.